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Stinger Bee SpiderGenetic Morph: Stinger Bee Spider," Enchi Pastel Spider", ( Enchi Pastel X Spider )
Status: Proven Co-Dominant ( Co-Dom X Dom )
By Whom:
Ray Hine

It was an Enchi female bred to a male Spider, the Enchi info you`ll find on Lars Brandell`s website,( the Swedish guys that first bred the Enchi`s) www.sweball.com

I bred the 2 together for the first time, here in England. The female laid 9 eggs on July 23rd they, hatched 60 days later and contained = 4 Enchi females, 3 normal females, one female Spider and one MALE Stinger Bee Spider.

Pretty good odds eh !!! Can you imagine what a super Enchi x Spider, or x Bumble Bee would look like ???

Text by Ray Hine


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