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Calico ball pythonGenetic Morph: Calico,White-Sided, Sugar, Bubble Gum
Status: Proven Dominant
By Whom:

We have seen this form in three animals and proved it as a co-dominant trait in late fall 2002. The White Sided’s coloration is very similar – if not identical – to the white lateral pigmentation on the Spider.

Above text by NERD

As of 2004 The Calico has been produced and been proven to be a dominant mutation ( so far ) by many breeders. I know of Calicos being produced overseas and here in the states. The Calico pictured is jointly owned by RDR and The Snake Keeper.........a baby female Calico was produced from breeding the male pictured above to a normal female in 2003. NERD, The Snake Keeper, Morton Wright, Upscale Reptiles and others have produced and started "Calico Projects"............will there be a "Super"??.........

Some people think that the "Bubble Gum" is a Super Calico...........some names that are associated with the Calico are....... Bubble Gum, Chicklet, White-Sided and Sugar............who ever thought that this would be genetic??

I believe that a "Bubble Gum" is actually a cross between a Calico and a Yellow Belly.

Text by Ralph Davis


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