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Albino SpiderGenetic Morph: Albino Spider, ( Albino X Spider )
Status: Proven Co-Dominant X Simple Recessive
By Whom:

This variation of the Spider ball also marks the second combination of co-dominant & simple recessive mutations produced in captivity (Pastel Ghost being the first). A lovely mix of High-Contrast Albino & Spider genes, it took us three tries before hitting the odds on both mutations. On March 1, 2003 the effort paid off with 1.1 Albino Spiders. The female exhibits "classic" Spider pattern on a yellow-orange background, while the male has a crisp, reduced white pattern and blazing saffron background coloration. Both snakes continue to develop white lateral markings characteristic of the Spider with each shed, and the thought of eventually seeing adult-sized Albino Spiders keeps us in daily suspense. Yet another color on the Spider ball palette, these albinos reiterate the versatility and combination value of the Spider with regards to other ball python mutations.

Text by NERD


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