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Here is a series of pics I shot today ( 05/21/04 ) of my three year old son Kyle setting up 2004 ball python clutch # 48...........I'm startin' him early........;).........each picture's description text is above the image..........this series shows how I set up my ball python clutches after I find a Mom with eggs.

We started out with an egg tub with dry vermiculite in it.

I moistened the vermiculite to the right consistency, and Kyle mixed it.

Kyle is smoothing off the top of the moistened vermiculite.

Now he brings the egg box with the moistened vermiculite to the cart.

Here he is making a "pocket" in the vermiculite for the clutch of eggs to rest in.

Here is the lucky female on her eggs ( 04 clutch # 48 )

Here Kyle is gently removing the female from around her clutch.

Can you believe this kid is three years old?

He has the female uncoiled from her clutch perfectly...;)

Now he gently picks up the clutch of eggs from the female's tub.

Then the egg clutch is gently placed in the "pocket" of vermiculite in the egg box.

The clutch is resting nicely in the moistened vermiculite.

Then Kyle pushes the vermiculite up to the eggs to fill in all the "gaps".

Look at this little dude work...........:)

The clutch is in it's resting spot for the next 60 days.

Kyle places a sheet of plastic over the clutch to help keep the humidity in the box.

Then the lid is placed on the egg box over the plastic ( double humidity barrier )

kyledavisreptiles.com...................ROCK ON!!!!

The "clutch card" is filled out and placed on top of the egg box.......this card has the date that the clutch was laid, how many eggs and who the parents are...........it will later be filled out further as to what hatched and sex ratios of the babies.

Proud little man on his way to the "walk in" incubator.

The egg box is placed in the incubator, these eggs should start to hatch in 55 to 60 days from today.

This is what a FULL "walk in" incubator room looks like.....;)

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