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Red AxanthicScientific Name: Python regius
Common Name:
Ball Python
Red Axanthic
Genetics: Color / Pattern Mutation - Co-Dominant or Dominant? ( Corey Woods )

The Red Axanthic is the homozygous ( super ) form of the Black Backs ( visible hets ) that produce it.............breeding two Black Backs together from this bloodline will produce the super form.............The Red Axanthic. Corey bought a pair of really nice Black Backs from The Snake Keeper some time ago...........he bred them together and produced these beautiful Red Axanthics.............I bred a Red Axanthic ( homo ) male to several normal females producing all Black Backs or "het Red Axanthics" in 2003. The Snake Keeper had no idea what they had when they sold the original Black Backs to Corey.

Het Red Axanthics are the proven line of "Black Backs" needed to produce the homozygous "Red Axanthic" ( The Super )


2002 Red Axanthic with an Albino 2002 Red Axanthics maturing 2002 Red Axanthic 2002 Red Axanthic with normal Red Axanthic

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