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Ball Pythons are my most favorite snake to keep and breed........the ball python industry has EXPLODED in the past several years an it's all because of the hype and excitement of seeing or producing the next "New Morph". I'm working with almost all of the "proven" mutations on the market today. I think I may have as many "unproven" projects going on right now as I do "proven" ones.

Ball Pythons come in more " flavors" than any other boids being bred in captivity.........this is what makes them so popular and exciting. There are so many mutations of color and pattern to work with and combine that I can not even begin to see an end to this awesome business/hobby in my life time............think about that for a second?...........the ball python market is here to stay and is stronger than ever!!............And it will only get stronger as more people start collecting and breeding these awesome snakes.............I can not think of anything more exciting than the "what if's" and surprises we get when breeding ball pythons.

Select a Ball Python morph from the drop down menu ( they are in alphabetical order ) and you will see why my collection is so big..........and always getting bigger.

There are many more pages of ball python mutations that are in the "RDR Collection" in the Matrix section on the Proven/Unproven Traits page........







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