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Hyper Melanistic Ball PythonScientific Name: Python regius
Common Name:
Ball Python
Hyper Melanistic
Genetics: Unknown - I have produced "hets"

"Hyper Mels" are called this because of the increased melanin ( dark colors/black ), they seem to be a normal patterned snake with a dark over-lay........like they have been spray painted black.........but the black paint is still slightly "see through". All that I have seen, seem to have a normal pattern underneath a dark black/brown overcast. As they mature some even get more yellow and brown coloration creeping through the dark black. Their bellies look as if they have been crawling through coal dust. It will be interesting to see if this has any affect on the albino and axanthic breeding projects if it ever proves to be genetic.

These are some pictures of "Black" ball pythons I have in my collection. Notice the black eyes on all of these snakes. A few breeders have bred for this trait, only to produce normal looking offspring? In 2002 I bred black x black and produced normal looking offspring too..........they were a "smidge" darker than average...........but nothing special...........I paired up two imported black snakes........I think line breeding will be the only way to prove the gene.........??

Also in the series of pics below you will see my "Black Head" male.........I have had him for sometime now.........and always planned on breeding him to some of my Hyper Mel females. I did breed him in 2001 and produced 4 babies that look just like him..........baby "Black Heads"..........I do not consider them to be Hyper Mels...........but they are very cool.........and GENETIC!!!!!!!

Hyper Melanistic Ball Python Hyper Melanistic Ball Python "Black Head" male Hyper Melanistic Ball Python Hyper Melanistic Ball Python Hyper Melanistic Ball Python Hyper Melanistic Ball Python Hyper Melanistic Ball Python "Black Head" male "Black Head" male
"Black Head" male "Black Head" male "Black Head" male with his baby 2002 Baby "Black Heads "2002 Baby "Black Head " 2002


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